About Us

Trust Construction Limited (TCL) was established in year 2002 to take part in construction and reconstruction of Afghanistan.

As a specialized construction firm that provides construction and engineering services throughout the country, TCL entered into the contract as a subcontractor with Technologists Inc and take active part in many projects which makes Technologist to grow up from the scratch construction of Bagrami Industrial Parks in Kabul, Afghanistan-Tajikistan Border Crossing in the north of the country, Islam Qala Border Crossing in the west of the country, Pol-e-Charkhi Detention Facility, Guard Training Center, CMA, ANA Logistics, DEA, Class II, IV, IIV, Kabul Bagram 35KM road, Mazar industrial parks in mazar-e-sharif.

In year 2008 TCL made a joint venture agreement with GO (Global Operation Construction Company) a Korean international company which was awarded it’s first  prime contract from USACE (MILCON new Roads in Bagram Airfield) and since then we have been awarded with project as a prime contractor.

TCL providing design/build services in Afghanistan, lead by professional engineers and managers to penetrate dynamically into Afghanistan construction and engineering market.

TCL has an extended team of support team who will be assisting the Prime Contractors in implementation of projects with precision and innovative approaches. We will be supported by experienced units of topography, engineering, architecture, construction, and logistics team members. In addition TCL is familiar with ways of doing business with reputed clients and has strong coordination and RMS support teams.

Under the TCL banner, our well organized team is moving dynamically into the Modern Afghan Construction and Business Market with a clear vision of providing quality services throughout Afghanistan. Our young team primarily focuses on Infrastructural Engineering, Buildings, and Roads by offering creative Design/Build, Surveying, Procurement and Project Management Services all over Afghanistan via gathering robust teams of expert engineers and skilled personnel, creating numerous job opportunities for Afghans; and recruiting international experts in management positions to increase effectiveness & efficiency in Projects.

Each member of TCL has accumulated substantial experience working on multiple design/build projects in Afghanistan proving themselves again and again in the past 5 years of operations in the country.

Mission statement

To help our nation and our territory through the ability, facilities and present real quality construction services


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Responsive
  • exceeding expectations
  • Results Oriented
  • Quality

Goals and Objectives:

Our Goals and Objective is to serve the people and our country in reconstruction and rehabilitation of Afghanistan through our active participation in construction projects.

TCL aim is to assist government of Afghanistan in developing process by delivering quality service through implementation of construction projects in different part of Afghanistan and fulfilling objectives of donors and Government of Afghanistan and also those who are working for developing and reconstruction of Afghanistan.