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Name: Construction of 22KM Road at Bagram AirField

Joint Venture

Type of Contract : Design Build
Employer : USACE/Middle East District
Email :
Contract No: W912ER-09-C-0049
Orginal Budget : 17,993,928.69 USD

Modification: 661,762.24 USD

Current contract value: 18,655,690.93 USD

Scope of Design/Work


  1. Traffic Study, Investigation on condition of pavement, drainage system, slopes, culverts, wadis, retaining walls and road along the existing road.
  2. Soils/materials and geotechnical investigation
  3. Detailed geological and hydrological surveys which include flood sediment control study and basic design of flood/sediment control plan.
  4. Environmental Impact Study.
  5. Conduct location to topographic and total road surveys.
  6. Detailed design of pavement, drainage system, slopes and culverts. Etc.
  7. Preparation of Inception Report, Traffic Report, Environmental Impact Study Report, Hydrological Report, Soils/Material Report, Monthly Progress Report, etc.
  8. Construction of 2 large bridges over Coyota Creek.
  9. Applying of stress absorbing membranes inter layer fabric on some roads in order to avoid future cracks.
  10. Construction of 22.67 KM road inside of runway and Base